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100% of post COVID vents were weaned at Medford

68% of all vent admissions were weaned at Medford

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Medford Multicare Center has been recognized as a leader on Long Island for its development of innovative and specialized cardiopulmonary programs. Our new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program provides new levels of technology, science, and expertise in both short-term ventilator weaning, airway management, and long-term ventilator management. Our interdisciplinary team focuses on the quality of care provided to improve the overall functional ability of the patient. The team develops a customized patient-centered plan of care that is reviewed and updated to meet the dynamic needs of the patient. This will assist in improving the patients’ quality of life and overall well-being. Discharge planning begins when the patient is admitted, intending to have the patient return to the community and follow up with their primary care physician.


Our 40-bed cardiopulmonary unit consists of a new fleet of ultramodern VOCSN ventilators – providing 5 therapies in one: ventilation, cough assist, suction, oxygen, and nebulizer therapies in a portable form factor. The ventilators at Medford MultiCare Center are supported by a dual-layer alarm system and Masimo ROOT pulse oximetry and capnography monitors. These systems allow for more precise ventilation management and improved patient safety and outcomes. Our Cardiopulmonary Department consists of licensed Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) that follow advanced rapid weaning and treatment protocols in liberating patients from mechanical ventilation. The Rapid Weaning Protocol allows for Respiratory Therapists to manage the patients’ daily weaning, which research studies have shown increase success rates. They work closely with Registered Dieticians, Registered Nurses, Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists in developing plans of care and educating patients and families. Board-certified pulmonologists oversee the management of patients on the cardiopulmonary unit and provide ongoing support to staff, patients and families.

Our 20-bed Step-Down Tracheostomy Unit provides care for patients being maintained on artificial airways for conditions such as chronic respiratory failure, severe lung disease, structural airway issues, and neurological problems. These patients are continuously monitored using state of the art centrally alarmed pulse oximetry and capnography systems. Specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists provide maintenance and comprehensive respiratory services to minimize disease progression. The goal of our interdisciplinary care team is to stabilize the patient, return them to their highest level of function, and improve quality of life.

VOCN Medford

For questions and information: Lori Cashman, Director of Admissions (631) 730-3013

Director of Cardiopulmonary Services: Dr. Jerry Gentile, EdD, MEd, MSHA, MPH, MBA, BSRT, BSHA, RRT. (631) 730.3000 Ext. 3341